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Was friert ihr ein um mal schnell essen parat zu haben?

2022.01.21 04:18 elcool0r Was friert ihr ein um mal schnell essen parat zu haben?

Wir haben uns endlich einen neuen großen Eisschrank gegönnt und ich will nun mehr von meinem gekochten einfrieren um nicht immer auf fast Food zurück greifen zu müssen. Bin auch totaler Fan davon zu vakuumieren und es dann einfach nur im Wasserbad warm zu machen. Werde am we wohl folgendes vorbereiten : Chilli Bolognese Hackbraten Rouladen Japanisches Curry
Hat wer noch andere gute tips?
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2022.01.21 04:18 ToxicSaratex Why can't i get the replay there is a very good clip :(

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2022.01.21 04:18 Altruistic_Ad_5507 Hey you guys! I’m in need of new friends! Please send gifts and I send back. Thanks !

Friend code is 4865 3301 3189
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2022.01.21 04:18 No-Ad6500 So excited I can't f*cking sleep

See them for 2nd time tomorrow currently (not)sleeping in my car halfway to the venue and I can't sleep because it's like Christmas!!!!!!
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2022.01.21 04:18 gddhdj How do you tell a good lather from a dry one?

Which are the signs that warn you about adding more water?
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2022.01.21 04:18 tjornsupreme Completed grenadier quest, cannot buy PS12B rounds from prapor.

Completed grenadier quest, cannot buy PS12B rounds from prapor.
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2022.01.21 04:18 Frequent-Fun-6356 Please help me

I'm in a relationship with a man who has a very rough past with a lot of trauma, and is not in therapy. We fight frequently which usually leads to him escalating things. He's broken bowls before, thrown a glass bottle out of the window, and has attempted suicide right in front of me by trying to throw himself in front of a train. I managed to pull him off in the last second, but he did not stop fighting back. He has cut himself deliberately in front of me several times, and shown me his cuts over text or irl. Yesterday we had a big fight which involved a lot of crying on his side, threatening to cut himself, threatening to jump out of my bedroom window, and hitting himself. This is extremely mentally exhausting for me, as I have to calm him down and deal with him. Yesterday that took several hours and sleeping pills. Does this sound like abuse? What can I do? I'm at my breaking point.
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2022.01.21 04:18 FlyingLowSH Das Dornier Museum feiert 100 Jahre Dornier Wal

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2022.01.21 04:18 Cattle-Wise What’s safe to discuss in DM’s?

So I like sticking to the DM’s within OF, but I also have a Discord I don’t mind sharing since it’s easier to chat in. Most of my subs just enjoy banter or normal discussions, which I love indulging in since I’m social and very comfortable with it. We’ll talk about normal things without getting too personal. But I recently heard that talk about anything pertaining to real life is against TOS? Does anyone know or have more info on this? I’m wondering if I should promote moving normal convos to Discord. I’ve searched and didn’t see much on this topic, so thanks in advance!
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2022.01.21 04:18 soul-scaper Jabra Elite 85t left earbud not working

I bought a Jabra Elite 85t less than a month ago. After a month, the left earbud just doesn't connect to the right one. The lights are definitely flashing, and it does make a faint sound when you long-press it. I've tried everything mentioned in support including resetting the earbuds, forgetting it on the phone etc to no avail.
I live in India and despite many attempts to contact Jabra support, I've not received a reply in almost a week.
On a side note, if the earphones are exchanged, is it possible to exchange for a different model with a higher price , assuming I pay the difference?
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2022.01.21 04:18 Mathiasxd148- I am surprised that I almost invested a thousand hours in Black Ops Cold War

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2022.01.21 04:18 HoldOnItGetsBetter "We have never had wifi in this building"

Short one tonight. But one of so many from a former employer.....
I was unfortunate enough to be hired onto a company about two months before covid hit my country. I was certain I would be let go. Low and behold, I wasn't. But for a very unpleasant reason. But that story is for another time. For now, just know this company outsourced their IT. But didn't really know why they did it or what exactly was outsourced.
When we went to remote work we had downsized to just our HQ (we used to have one other office site further into town). During that time, I was tasked with going down once a week when no one was there and assist with getting zoom calls set up in various offices so other team members could use them when it was their turn to come to the office. It was beyond simple, and kind of a waste of time.
However, on my first day at HQ, I pop open my laptop and notice I don't see a network with a name that I am used to for this company. But I do see a few wifi printers, some weak signals that are likely from the neighboring companies, and then a full signal "admin" network. My first thought "oh God, please no"
So I call my new boss (former boss who I only had for a month was let go due to covid) and ask what wifi network is used at the office and what the password is. She paused and says she doesn't know as she has never been to HQ. And that I should call person X as they worked out of that office full time.
I call person X and below is that conversation.
Me: Hey X do you know the wifi and password for HQ?
X: HQ doesn't have wifi
Me, confused now, but starting to piece together a scary fact.
Me: ok so we're all the PC hard wired?
X: Nope
Me: ok, then how did you get to the internet when you were here.
X: I used Chrome
Me: but.... You know nevermind I think I found what I need.
I hang up, realizing I was on my own here.
I look at the "admin" SSID and say f*** it. Click it "password required". I type in 'admin'.
I call the outsource IT company and they confirm that was indeed the network for the building and they premap all laptops and PC to that network to automatically connected when they set up a new user. I ask why the password and network were still factory admin settings?
Their response:
They didn't ask us to change it.
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2022.01.21 04:18 Bag_of_HODLing Please take a moment to comprehend the scope of what is happening

This is this year's "turning off the buy button," except even now the situation is even MORE deadly to all the brokers who never bought actual shares and are just holding IOU's for retail. DRS FORCES them to buy actual shares which at this point might mean buying ten IOU's just to find one actual share. This is why they are desperate to stop DRS, it's even worse than the threat they faced last year. They refused to buy one share at "high" price through all of 2021, now they are being forced to buy through all the extra rehypothecations they made doubling down all year.
Good job, Apex. It's very clear now what is really going on. I'm gonna look to report this to FBI, FTC, SEC (haha), CIA (they deal with money-related fraud too), and yeah congress, but congress works the slowest I think.
They are trying to stop DRS NOW because sometime between now and 02/08/22, according to the rules they are gonna need to buy millions of shares just to hedge their short position which has grown since last January. They thought they could hide and outlast retail's patience and scare us all off by doubling down yet AGAIN to naked short the price down to $100 (btw pretty sure they will force it below $100 in the morning for the psychological impact), but even THAT has failed to shake off retail.
They are truly desperate, many more times over than even at last January's sneeze. There are no stimulus payments this time, and the Fed is forced to end the QE and all the printed money they used to prop up the market. No more artificial liquidity injections into the markets to save them from the horrendous positions THEY CHOSE TO BUILD. This is the endgame.
I'm sure they have a couple more even more desperate blatantly corrupt cards up their sleeves. This situation is literally the bottom 99.9% of humanity vs. the top 0.1% which have created the entire financial world and guard it zealously. I don't think I can overstate how significant this is, and how terrified they are to lose. They CANNOT afford to lose no matter what. This is for all the marbles. If retail wins this standoff, everything will change as the corruption is forced into the light. Legacy stock markets will all be left to die if retail wins this ridiculous standoff.
People are gonna be SO pissed especially as the markets crash around this giant squeeze. '08 was only like 13 years ago and obliterated so many people's retirement funds and took their homes and forced them to work another 10 years to try and retire decently, which in itself has distorted economies and generational income. Citizens are gonna go nuts when this all comes to light. I truly believe that.
I guess the reason I'm writing this post is this: Be angry. Be FURIOUS. we have every right to be, as investors in these sham markets, as citizens of countries all over the world now mixed up in this, and as human beings who for the MILLIONTH time in history are being crushed under the boot of the lucky top 0.1% who have mostly been born into connections to get them to where they are. They have always been above us, they have always ruled us, and they have always striven to absorb all the money, all the property, all the fucking GDP the rest of the world actually works to produce.
They will fuck us yet again here, IF WE LET THEM. DON'T LET THEM. Be angry because you have every right to be. Get the fucking word out. Tell everyone. Tell every supposed authoritative body that is supposed to protect us citizens and investors. Tell every human being you know what is about to happen AGAIN, on the anniversary of last year's fuckery, because those greedy criminals STILL won't lower themselves to our level and pay the debt they owe to investors, because they STILL refuse to be law-abiding citizens like the rest of us lowly ants. We work for their obscene $billions, their $TRILLIONS, and in return they get overleveraged FIFTY times over in notional $trillions in their derivatives casino games, because They HAVE NEVER HAD TO PAY THOSE DEBTS.
no bail out from taxpayers. Not this time. FUCK them. Get the word out. Social media can still be our voice to inform others. Make up new hashtags and get this filth trending. Spread their slimy crimes everywhere so everyone realizes this shit is about to happen AGAIN this January. Tell everyone you know so they curiously keep an eye out, and when the ticker goes insane again they will realize we were right all along, and then EVEN BIGGER FOMO than last year will come. Even if they try to stop this squeeze somehow, they can't get off easy like last year. No one will buy the same lies a second time. DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH FOISTING THEIR IOU's ON US FOR ANOTHER YEAR. NOT AGAIN.
Be angry. And tell everyone why
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2022.01.21 04:18 orangeredbackpack Am I

Shadowbanned ??
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2022.01.21 04:18 R3dshadow330 27F (Texas, Houston area) Ldr/in-person

Seeking relationship/friends/squish/other: Relationship, but would love more ace friends
Romantic orientation: sex indifferent, panromantic
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 27 Age range 24-35
Height: I’m 5’7
Personality description: I am an ambivert mostly. I love to travel, but when I’m not exploring my favorite thing to do is relax and watch Netflix or read. I am pretty easy going, and very cuddly person. I do like anime/manga but is mostly casual. Favorite anime is currently the disastrous life of Saiki K. I like video games but mostly ones I can play with others like Divinity original sin 2 or stardew valley. I’d like a partner friend within a driveable distance but long distance isn’t an issue either.
Location: Texas-Houston area
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2022.01.21 04:18 Demoman155 I don't know which goal to focus on

So just as a little bit of a premise I'm in college right now for computer science. Although if you were to look at me from a birds eye you might assume I've got my shit together. I go to the gym every day, eat healthy, take daily vitamins and health supplements I've extensively researched, have a 3.9 GPA in college, internship experience and a good resume, a good group of friends, and a nice and caring family. I feel like I have the groundwork laid out for a healthy and happy life, but I feel completely depressed, aimless and unfulfilled. I feel like I need something more, a sort of life goal if you will. Some one thing that I can truly surround myself with and pour time into.
I've got such an urge to invest my time into one niche but I can't figure out what I want it to be, so I've ended up switching hobbies extremely frequently throughout pretty much my entire life. For a week I wanted to be a pro speed cuber, then chess player, then ping pong player, then break dancer, then physicist, etc. I just cannot make up my mind. I've become a jack of many trades because of this, but I still feel fucking horrible, I feel like I've wasted 19 years of my life, and that I'm falling behind in whatever this thing is that I haven't found yet.
Around 4 or so months ago I decided that I'm sick of this shit and just wanted to make up my mind on a random hobby I had in the past. I spun a randomness wheel online and ended up landing on league of legends so I've been playing that for the past 4 months, constantly striving for improvement. In the end I only feel depressed as fuck and I think I regret my decision. The truth of the matter is that I'll never be as good as Faker or whoever child prodigy like GeneralSniper because I started too late on a genre and game that has existed too long.
After evaluating the current E-sports market I feel like Riot's upcoming fighting game Project L might be a good choice because I already have some decent experience with fighting games, but even then I still feel doubt. I don't know if gaming is the category I for this interest I want to pursue. For example, although it's less enjoyable, machine learning I do find quite interesting and I feel like pursuing that would be a good way of having a healthy life with stable income, but if I'm doing that then who's to say that I won't still retain this feeling I currently have of feeling like I have the groundwork but am missing the passion project/interest. Also another goal I've had since I was 15 or so was inventing mind uploading, but that's extremely unrealistic and lofty, although I do feel like it's the goal I MYSELF intrinsically most want to achieve.
I'm just lost as fuck, it's 2 am, I don't know what goal I should chase, will this keep happening forever or do you think I'll just grow out of it and cease to exist. Idk but if someone could give helpful advice , that would actually change my life, because this problem has been plaguing my mind for so long and it don't feel like it's going away soon. Ik reddit might not be the best place to ask for help about something like this, and I've never really told this problem to anyone before but I feel like taking a shot in the dark
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2022.01.21 04:18 Turtle456 Anti-vaxxers hold emergency meeting to prepare new excuses, after provisional approval of Novavax

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2022.01.21 04:18 Poppaslads Timetable Dilemma / Urgent

Basically going into my 1st semester of University ever and do a BCOM with economics and international business as my majors.
Problem is the prerequisites are so stupid, e.g to be eligiable for ECON 201 you need ECON 152 which then requires BUSINESS 115, throw all those into enrolment cart and validate and it doesnt work? It says Im all clear to ad BUSINESS 155. Question is, do I gotta do them individually? Like BUSINESS 155 first then ECON 152, then ECON 201
Or does anyone know a good combo for BCOM with my two majors?
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2022.01.21 04:18 _KylosMissingShirt_ [S] [USA-OH] Tamron 17-70mm f/2.8

Hello, I’m looking to sell this lens for $575 shipped. Lens not used often however is missing the retail box. Still includes the hood, lens cap and bottom cover.
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2022.01.21 04:18 Asiablog 21 GENNAIO 1921 🇮🇹 Al congresso di Livorno il PSI (primo partito italiano con il 32% dei voti alle elezioni del 1919) si spacca. L'ala sinistra, guidata da Amedeo Bordiga, fonda il Partito Comunista d'Italia, sezione italiana dell'Internazionale Comunista.

21 GENNAIO 1921 🇮🇹 Al congresso di Livorno il PSI (primo partito italiano con il 32% dei voti alle elezioni del 1919) si spacca. L'ala sinistra, guidata da Amedeo Bordiga, fonda il Partito Comunista d'Italia, sezione italiana dell'Internazionale Comunista. submitted by Asiablog to Italia [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 04:18 joycws Dose proton avaiable for GPD Pocket3? That just is a normal laptop but small size

I mean that is there any hareware limiting?
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2022.01.21 04:18 shein_kt Which one are you

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2022.01.21 04:18 Ralph-Hinkley Hey Mitch, you said the quiet part out loud again!

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2022.01.21 04:18 HHHBot [FRESH VIDEO] brakence - cbd

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2022.01.21 04:18 MUbigeye How to Make Accurate Forecasts of Chinese Stocks

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