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Love the OrbusVR community!

2022.01.21 04:24 HuY_x_HuY Love the OrbusVR community!

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2022.01.21 04:24 Tasty-Try-2303 sam and stan in propnight be like

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2022.01.21 04:24 Abject_Objective_372 I already saved up for a chin implant, but I'm scared to go under the knife. Scared of death. Convince me that a chin implant is right for me.

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2022.01.21 04:24 KihiraLove I'm playing leagues on an 8 kbyte/sec up and 8 kbyte/sec down internet connection on my phone, AMA.

RSN is KihiraEvol
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2022.01.21 04:24 FormerPomegranate325 Whale tank

I'm seeing a lot of whales now. When it recovers from that dip, would you mind cashing out little by little so it doesn't crash like crazy?
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2022.01.21 04:24 kimiipossible Ausländeramt Hotline

Hey, Meine fiktionsbescheinigung läuft bald ab und ich sollte eigentlich bis jetzt meine unbefristete Aufenthaltes bekommen. Aber muss meine Bearbeiterin nich sachen erreichen. Ich versuche jetzt seit 2 Wochen ständig die hotline anzurufen und es ist entweder besetzt oder außerhalb die Anrufzeiten.
Hätte jemanden Erfolg mit die Hotline? Will nur wissen ob es überhaupt Funktioniert 😂
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2022.01.21 04:24 Acceptable-Bee-9074 Another day, another price for this AP (which they can’t get rid of)

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2022.01.21 04:24 AutomaticBroccoli105 Mafumafu

Does Mafumafu singer have good technique? Especially on his high notes.
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2022.01.21 04:24 Old_Truth6995 Volver Conmigo - Aida Cortes - (VIDEO OFICIAL)

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2022.01.21 04:24 Cjare push-ups and pull-ups

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2022.01.21 04:24 TheOther36 You wake up to find out that society has become idiocratic, and you're the only one who's unchanged. What would you do?

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2022.01.21 04:24 mr-ultr Heres a challenge: try to make your own legendary rarity skin for a class that does not have one (cactus sunflower or peashooter for plants or foot soldier engineer or all star for zombies)

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2022.01.21 04:24 UserNamesCantBeTooLo TIL: There are 20 non-canonical books (books not in the Bible) that are referenced in the Hebrew Bible, most of which are lost works.

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2022.01.21 04:24 aloooolaaa [7] i was not invested in bdsp briefcase hunting. So i did my own method. Excited about the results. More details in comments.

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2022.01.21 04:24 EternoAgonia Irelia and Trinity Force in Wild Rift

Is Tri Force still viable with Irelia? or there are better builds without it?
Some still prefers Tri Force while others are ignoring it, this is confusing me tbh since it was supposed to be one of the core items on Irelia.
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2022.01.21 04:24 Alternative-Sky-4112 Sad leaving current job. Looking for reassurance that I'm making the right decision to leave.

I started looking for a new job passively because of work culture going downhill. I've been at worse work situations, but I don't really want to repeat those. (I'm trying to learn from my past. Trying to be a mouse instead of Hem or Haw this time around. Usually I'm Haw. RE: who moved my cheese).
I landed a job thats remote and a 35% pay increase with better benefits. I'm switching industries and that really makes me nervous, but I'm trying to tell myself I'm qualified since they still hired me.
Besides the self doubt, I love my manager. We have such a strong relationship that extends beyond just manager and employee. I know this is rare and I doubt I'll ever find such a great boss and friend. He's great to talk to and give advice on personal and professional matters.
It just makes me sad to leave such a good manager, knowing that they're rare. And knowing I won't have the same personal connection my next boss as we're in different stages of life.
I haven't officially accepted the new offer yet, but the pro/con list is hard to ignore. Please reassure me I'm making the right decision.
New job pros:
No commute
Remote working (Pajamas and pets all day)
Better benefits
More money
Growth opportunity
New job cons:
Remote working (I like seeing people as much as I like being in pajamas all day)
Self doubt in new industry to overcome
Not a dream job, but it's new so I could love or hate it
Current job pros:
Great manager
Good team members
Current job cons:
Stagnant pay
Work culture becoming worse over time (other managers are toxic, extended work hours, less pay increases)
Stagnant learning
Work politics
Don't love what I do, but don't hate it either
Work life balance decreasing over time
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2022.01.21 04:24 Motor-Ad-8858 Cambodia: News Publisher Put Under Court Supervision Over Land Dispute Broadcast

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2022.01.21 04:24 Dr-Zombi3 Time is running out! Getting sold out left and right! #bsc #bscgem #moonshot #cryptotok #crypto #cryptocurrency #fyp #Lep #presale #btc #cpp

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2022.01.21 04:24 1thebluffer1 New NFT Drop at opensea.io/represenft - NFTPromotion

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2022.01.21 04:24 dragonakia These kids have an amazing future ahead! Here are the Crypto Rich Kids! Giveaway 🎁 on discord! Join them now and get one of their marvelous NFTs. Check the comments.

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2022.01.21 04:24 DrakoBlade Fixes vs Wings

So, type 3s, 6s, and 9s don't have this problem as they don't have to think about "Oh is this a fix of mine, or is this a wing?" when something is close to your type. Recently, it would seem my 4-ness has been showing. Its been years since I took an enneagram tritype test, and as a type 5, I was confident enough that I could distance myself from my biases, and try to take retake some tests to see what other websites thought. The reason why I say I think my 4-ness was showing was I usually type myself as 5w4(8w7)(2w1), but I took 5 separate tritype tests, and one test that actually changes the order of the questions(while also even adding new ones on some attempted) I did another 5 times, just to be sure. The reason why I did this so many times, was because I got a different result in my Head and Shame centers, but my gut stayed the same. Instead, I would somewhat consistently get 5w6(8w7)(4w5), with the 8 and the 4 switching places here and there. I found this interesting and started to think about what exactly are the differences between a fix and a wings. I always new the more basic, "wing is an augment, and fix can stand alone" sort of thing, but I wanted to get deeper and more nuanced with my understanding of it. So, I have come to my own conclusion is that the wing amplifies the connection, and only that space. While the fix uses all the tools available for that type.
What do I mean by that though? I mean the triads, which are grouped into four separate types: Centers of Intelligence, Harmonic Triads, Hornevian Groups, and Object Relations. For those not in the know, these are how we attach words like how the 8 is an assertive, reactive, rejection, and anger type. Just to simplify all this though, lets use my own situation as an example. Type 5 is part of the fear center, the competency triad, withdrawn group, and the rejection relation. While the type 4 is part of the shame center, reactive triad, withdrawn group, and frustration relation. What are these groups and triads though? The centers of intelligence are more varied, but also more well known, Fear deals with how we maneuver through a dangerous world, Anger is what will make us express ourselves, and Shame is what kind of persona we put up. Harmonic Triads are how each type copes under stress, whether it's being emotionally impulsive under Reactive, avoiding or pushing down the negatives to create Positivity, or bringing out a more neutral focus regardless of biases in order to be Competent. Hornevian Groups actually have two main functions, one probably less known than the other, so I will come back to them in a second. While the Object Relations are probably the most complex of these groupings. The object relations are literally have the name sounds, it is how one relates to a specific object. But, this will not make you understand it, as there has to be a specific Object. Before we get to that though, the Relations in question are Attachment, Frustration, and Rejection. All of them seeming somewhat self explanatory, until we go back to the Hornevian Groups. One of the main functions of the Hornevian groups is to actually present that Object, many sites call these Withdrawn, Compliant, and Assertive. Not sure these are actually the best names for them though, as they don't provide a whole picture. The Withdrawn group represents the Object of Belonging, funny that the Object that represents close friends, family, and community as the thing to move away from it. The Compliant represents the Protective Object, and some people also call this object the Fatherly Figure(or at least the idea of it), and essentially getting behind something certain and resolute. While the Assertive Group is almost the most confusing, until you think about the Relations, because this is represented by the Nurturing Object. Just so we are all on the same page, a Type 8 is an assertive type right? Makes sense, but how does it have anything to do with a Nurturing Figure? It rejects it, and this is what the Object relations says is the source of their denial of vulnerability. Type 6 is both compliant and yet attached, so this means they find some kind of resolute thing to get behind of, and stay there, this is represented in their need for Safety, Loyalty, and Security. Type 4 is both withdrawn and frustrated, not getting a sufficient enough place of belonging, and so they will vent their frustrations as to why they think they don't belong, granted this also accounts for their Reactive nature as well. Those were just some examples of the Object Relations and Horevian Groups.

So how do wings and fixes come in? I think that it depends on the type, for the 5 and 4, this means that if one has the other as a wing, then this will only strengthen the aspects involved with Withdrawn, for whatever is their primary. This makes them more focused on that object, and also because of it, their relation becomes more on the forefront. However, in the case of the five, this doesn't mean the 5 becomes more reactive, nor does it get more frustrated, and due to it lying in a different center, it still stays as Fear and doesn't change to shame. While for the 4 fix, they have the whole package, with all the insecurity that comes with it. Sure, since they share the Withdrawn, that nature will also be amplified, but it will not amplify the 5's way of being withdrawn, it will just give them another different reason to be withdrawn. I got to say, at least with the 5-4, and my relatively new understanding of the whole belonging object, I actually have to agree if we differentiate these two parts in the way I surmised, that I do indeed have a 4 fix instead of a 2 fix, there is even a hidden truth to what is missing there for me.
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2022.01.21 04:24 Vailhem Fast-spectrum salt reactor to be built at INL

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2022.01.21 04:24 Melodic-Lavishness52 If there are 6 main liquors what do these 3 liquors a part of or are they separate? Absinthe, soju, and baiju. All 3 are distilled spirits. Help me understand

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2022.01.21 04:24 DudeBaalak if Twitter launch shorts..

if Twitter launch shorts..
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2022.01.21 04:24 TheCouchmanAEW AEW overuses cutters. Change my mind.

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